July 7, 2018, International Conference – Canada

University of Toronto

Role of Nepali Diaspora in Higher Education in Nepal


The Toronto conference is expected to help the interested Nepali Diaspora scholars to discuss and strategize ways for the Diaspora members to be more intensely involved in higher education in Nepal.


Papers and presentations from the presenters are due to the organizers positively by June 15, 2018. Please send them to Dr. Govinda Dahal ( gchapati@gmail.com), and copy to Prof. Dinesh Gajurel (dineshgajurel@gmail.com)

Be a part of this important conference on Nepal’s Higher Education being organized in North America

Residence Options

There are a number of hotels for different prices in downtown Toronto near the University Campus, that you can book yourself if needed. 
We have also been given a link for non-student residents at the U of T college.  Their rates seem very reasonable $49 to $74/night (please see the link below).  This new college residence is at a walking distance from our conference venue.  


Target Participants (Diaspora, and Nepal-based)

Academics and Higher Education Professionals



Academic Administrators

Open Learning Specialists

Interested Students and Professionals


Ambika P. Adhikari, Dr. Des., Sr. Sustainability Scientist, Arizona State University (Conference Chair)

“I am honored to be a part of this excellent voluntary effort by Diaspora members to create a platform for academics and professionals to discuss Diaspora’s role in Nepal’s higher education programs.”

Prof. Surya P. Subedi, OBE, QC (Hon), DPhil, University of Leeds

“This conference will provide a useful opportunity for Diaspora scholars to exchange ideas and discuss how they can support Nepal’s educational development.”

Prof. Jeet Joshee, Ph.D., Assoc. VP and Dean, California State University.

“I eagerly look forward to the Diaspora conference in Toronto in July 2018. I am certain that the topics presented and discussed at the conference will be valuable to educators in Nepal and elsewhere.”

Govinda Dahal, Ph. D., University of Ottawa

“Please come and be a part of this interesting conference in Toronto to discuss how Diaspora members can help in Nepal’s higher education.”

Prof. Tulsi Dharel, Ph. D., Centennial College (Conference Convener)

“I am so excited to have an opportunity to welcome the conference attendees to this interesting conference, and beautiful Toronto”

Gopi Krishna Kaphle, President NRNA-Canada

“I am confident that the outcomes of this conference will help add an important milestone in the history of the Nepali Diaspora’s contribution towards overall development and prosperity of Nepal. On behalf of the Nepali community in Canada, I look forward to welcoming all guests and participants in Toronto.”

Bidya Ranjeet, Ph. D., Executive Dir., CAP, University of Connecticut

“The organizers have created an exciting platform to discuss opportunities in higher education in Nepal, and to learn from each other in a beautiful setting.”

Prof. Drona Rasali, Ph. D., FACE, Adjunct Prof. University of Regina

“I am thrilled to be a part of this important Diaspora conference to discuss Nepal’s higher education. It should be a fun-filled and instructive meeting in the great city of Toronto.”

Naba Raj Gurung, Honorary Council member of NRNA-ICC and founding president of NRN-Canada

“My hope is that this conference will help interested and committed Diaspora members to pave a way towards a pragmatic, meaningful and impactful collective action in collaboration with relevant stakeholders in Nepal and internationally.”