A growing number of Nepalis are moving to the various parts of the world, and many are permanently settling in the adopted lands. As a choice destination of the Nepali Diaspora, the developed Western world increasingly is becoming a new permanent destination.

Some people consider the exodus of highly educated Nepali people as a brain-drain. However, with the rapidly advancing digital technology, there are new opportunities for utilizing the Nepali Diaspora’s knowledge and skills to help improve the quality of higher education in their native country РNepal.

The Toronto conference is expected to help the interested Nepali Diaspora scholars to discuss and strategize ways for the Diaspora members to be more intensely involved in higher education in Nepal.

The specific objectives of this conferences are to:

  • Promote and enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience as well as develop networking opportunity within the Nepali academic Diaspora, Nepali academics and educational professionals, and Nepali policymakers living elsewhere around the globe.
  • Identify potential areas where the Nepali Diaspora be actively engaged in the higher education programs in Nepal.
  • Discuss the lessons learned abroad by the Diaspora, and how the experience of the Nepali Diaspora could be utilized to help improve the higher education system in Nepal.
  • Explore how interested Diaspora members could engage in offering courses and lectures in Nepali institutions of higher learning.